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Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
Contains general, health, industry expansion, marketing, nutrition, research, utilization, and related links.
BC Hog Production
Lots of information about BC hog production
Information about the Berkshire breed.
Canada Pork International
Canadian Centre For Swine Improvement
Includes:  National Swine Health Information Plan N-SHIP. CCSI's 1996 Annual Report . National Swine Improvement Federation Conference NSIF and Ontario Carcass Symposium.
Canadian Center For Swine Improvement
Pigs On The Web
Pig query allows you to input a pig tattoo to be searched in the swine data base.
Canadian Livestock Records Corporation
Contains breed pages links, and contact information.
Canadian Pork Council
Contains information about CPC, issues, codes of practice and related links.
Maintained by the Canadian Swine Breeders Association (CSBA)
Centre de développement du porc du Québec inc (CDPQ).
Canadian Swine Exporters Association
Canadian Swine Exporters Association is a National Association representing the Canadian swine Industry and our members are responsible for 90% of the export sales internationally from Canada.
FAOSTAT is an on-line and multilingual database currently containing over 1 million time-series records covering international statistics
Feeding Replacement Gilts
Ecological Agriculture Projects (EAP)
The thousands of documents on the site represent a small subset of EAP's collection of information supporting the transition of Canadian farmers to more sustainable practices.
Kansas Swine Growers Association
Live hog futures and options and pork belly futures and options - Alberta
K-State Livestock & Meat Marketing
The web site's purpose is to provide marketing information and applied research results to livestock industry participants on a wide range of topics
Market Information
Manitoba Pork
Provincial association of hog producers. For over 30 years we have served hog producers and worked closely with industry partners and governments to build a prosperous pork industry.
A Canadian Web Site Dedicated to Manure Management
Manure Systems @ the University of Guelph
National Pork Producers Council
National Swine Improvement Federation - Publications
North Carolina Hog Information Links
Links to educational information pertaining to waste/nutrient management, marketing, diseases, nutrition, 4-H and youth activities and much more!
Ontario Farm Management Analysis Project Swine Farm Results
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)
OMAFRA Pork News and Views
Ontario Pork
Ontario Swine Improvement Inc.
An Information Centre for OSI Clients and Industry Contacts.
Pig Health   NEW LINK
Site by Pig Disease Information Centre about Pig Health - Welfare - Food Safety
Pig Pens
Pig Pens has become the Boss Hawg of swine research publications. This industry-sponsored newsletter reports on the U of G/OMAFRA swine research program
Pork recipes
Prairie Hog Report
Prairie Swine Centre's (PSCI) Home Page
Prince Edward Island Pork Production
Quebec Swine Improvement Center, (CDPQ)
Saskatchewan-based Pork marketing - on an International scale - SPI
Contains a buyers corner, Nutritional information, recipes, coming events, industry information, contact information. Also includes information on markets, forward pricing, clasified ads, and a lighter side.
Swine and Pig Internet Resources
Swine Nutrition and Odor Management
Swine Production Technologies:
The Value of All-in/All-out and Early Weaning
The Canadian Swine Network
The Pig Page
An Australian web site for those interested in the swine industry.
The PRRS Page
USDA Hog Reports
Detailed analysis and data on the hog sector, focusing on current production, slaughter, price, and trade statistics.
Western Swine Testing Assoc.
Offers technician service or owner tester programs for commercial or seedstock swine operations, carcass evaluation programs and genetic evaluations.
Wild Boar Marketing Group of Manitoba
Marketing site of Manitoba wild boar including information on wild boar meat and business opportunities

Farm & Country Ontario's Commercial Farmer Trade Journal

Ready for a swine time online? Oink on over to the pigsters at KPIG Radio Online who will have you squealing in delight.

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Internet Mailing Lists are a convenient method for people on different computer systems to discuss particular topics or share information concerning specific issues. A mailing list might consist of a few as two people, or it might contain several thousands.
With thousands of different mailing lists on the Internet, you can choose to join any particular one that interests you, as long as it is a public, or open, list. Once you have joined, you will receive any message sent to the list.
Several listservs are available to those interested in hog production and management.

A public list and discussion group about pigs. Many of the Subscribers on this list are from Ontario, including several University of Guelph faculty members. To subscribe, send a e-mail message to "LISTSERV@IST01.FERRIS.EDU". In the body of the message, type "SUBSCRIBE PIGFARM" followed by your name. (e.g. SUBSCRIBE PIGFARM Jane Q. User)

Designed for swine practitioners, but open to anyone, this listserv is managed by the American Association of Swine Practitioners (AASP) through the University of Minnesota To subscribe, send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@VM1.SPCS.UMN.EDU. In the body of the message, type "SUBSCRIBE SWINE-L [your name].

Designed to provide information on aspects of pork production. Mail the phrase "information ca-hogs to

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