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October 26, 1999


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Making a buck on global warming
If there isn't any money in corn, at least you could pad your bank account with cheques from Stelco and Ontario Hydro for the carbon credits that you earn by pumping organic matter into your soil.

Four inducted into Hall of Fame
You don't get into the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame in Milton for being blasť about the business of agriculture, and this year's four feisty farmer inductees are no exception.

New milk rules set for August
New milk testing and milk house rules go into effect Aug. 1, and even more regulation changes are expected later this fall.

Ontario soys win in Pacific Rim
Despite lingering economic woes, the Asian market is gung-ho for our quality beans

Summer Tune-Up

... a collection of down to earth columns by Keith Reid, one of Canada's leading crop authorities.

July 5, 1999 Issue

July 5, 1999 Issue
Cover Story

Accidental shepherd
Doug Beggs' reforestation efforts begat sheep - and he's never looked back

Hardeman takes top farm post
Ontario's new Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Ernie Hardeman is no stranger to agriculture.

Quota transfers frozen as chicken markets soar
Broiler quota transfer in Ontario is currently in a holding pattern, pending a decision by Chicken Farmers of Ontario on the conversion of additional quota into basic quota.

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